A 1000 Questions and Answers | 40.5 x 50 x 1.75 inches | colored pencil on book pages

1000 Questions and Answers

During the height of the pandemic, Maria was required to return home to England and in doing so had to remain in quarantine away from her family for 14 days. During this time, with a sense of purpose in this circumstantial solitude, so close and yet completely removed from her loved ones, Maria reached for a well-worn encyclopedia that she had loved as a child and began to illustrate its pages.

Looking to the past for the origins behind the things found close at hand became a simple exploration of meaningĀ  and a yearning that forms the question of “why.” 1000 Questions and Answers is a series of works that present a cherished object, rendered with care on top of answers that we can remember craving as children. It also serves as a reminder that curiosity is something that we can continue to pursue at any age.