Watch Maria create these works through the process video HERE.

Lucent Silva

lu·cent [ loo-suhnt ]: Translucent, clear, shining, luminous
sil·va [ sil-vuh ]: The forest trees of a particular area 

This series celebrates 3 species of trees native to the southwestern United States, in particular California. Each layer of vellum represents a growth period from sapling to maturity. The outline of each silhouette is formed by spray painting over the template created from leaves and twigs sourced from each species of tree. The images are then cut out and illuminated in a light box which can be displayed either on or off.

Lucent Silva is process driven, the work serving as an integral part of the meaning. In this case, the process generates two works, one created with positive cutouts, and one created with the negative or byproduct of the positive. The two works are shown as a diptych, side by side. One indicating the trace of the other.